Udemy Dual Subtitles
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Udemy Dual Subtitles?

Udemy Dual Subtitles is a Udemy subtitle translator. It extends the original Udemy Subtitle into bilingual subtitles.

Udemy Dual Subtitles can translate the Udemy official subtitle into almost all wildly used languages.

How to use?

Please refer /tutorial page

Why not work?

Please follow the setup steps listed on the tutorial page.

Make sure you have selected an official subtitle of the lecture since it's the translation source.

Occationally, network error happens and sometimes Udemy fails to set user selected official subtitle into http cookies, which causes our extension fails to get translation source.

So please try:

1. reload the lecture page,

2. toggle the switch button,

3. re-select your targeted language,

4. re-select official caption language, or

5. wait for a while and retry.

If none of the above works, contact [email protected]

Why charge?

Due to the Backend Service cost, including APIs' fees & Cloud Service fees, etc., we need to charge a small monthly fee to cover the bill.

Actually, this monthly price is relatively small compared to what would cost if you use these service yourself. And we've avoid many pitfalls for you.

What we've done for you?

Briefly, we maximize the utilization of the services.

1. load balance service usage

2. cache translation results to avoid repeat API calls

3. deal with character limitation per request

4. deal with request frequency limitation

5. much more

How to use PRO on multiple devices?

To use this feature, you need to:

1. Login the same Chrome Google Account on multiple devices

2. TURN ON Chrome Account Sync

3. Activate PRO on one device

4. Wait for Chrome to sync

Please note that browsers like Edge implements a Chrome Extension Runtime for you to download and use Chrome Extensions. However, they don't support Chrome Google Account Sync. So this feature is not supported in browsers like Edge.

How to cancel subscription?

Once you subscribed, there would be a 'manage' button on your account dashboard.

You'd be able to cancel subscription at current period end.